Welcome to the Diplomatic License Plate Guide web site!
The Guide lists the country codes for license plates used by the diplomatic community in Washington, DC.  The Guide includes information on how to decipher the special plates, and lists the codes for different countries or international organizations.
The Guide is a fun way to do some license-spotting while visiting Washington, DC.
This web site is currently under construction.  Look for a more comprehensive web site and more features in fall 2008.
Have you seen a new code?
New codes are assigned occasionally to new organizations or new countries.  If you spot a license plate with a code not listed in the Guide, let us know, and we’ll add the code to the next edition of the Diplomatic License Plate Guide.
Where can you get a copy of the Guide?
At the moment, the Diplomatic License Plates Guide is available exclusively at the Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington, DC.
If you would like to order a Guide directly , please contact us!
Diplomatic License Plates